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I am a new student for learning korean language. I welcome everyone teachs me.

For learning: Korean
Base language: English
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    Hi Bear, welcome to Italki. You can start learning Korean here;


    Hello Bear,

    Yes welcome here... May I suggest to click on "language partners" to find some new friends and to exchange experiences... send them a friend request, wait and see...
    All the best...

    Hello Bear,

    You could look as well for professional teachers in " language teachers" .

    I suggest looking for a Korean teacher here:
    And I'm sure there are a lot of Korean speakers would happily do ChineseKorean language exchange with you.
    Good luck

    "I welcome everyone teachs me Korean". But, not everyone here can speak Korean! Find a korean speaking teacher or tutor ( not just everyone).


    Hi sis annyong haseyo we can study together and you can really find many korean can help you,they are kind^^good luck salam:)

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