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pres peffect vs past continuous

oh, yes, I know pretty well about these 'barriers' between present and past tenses - have been reading heavily about this in 'Practical English Usage' by Michael Swan, Cambridge Grammar for English Language Teachers and Betty Azar's 'Understanding and Using English Grammar' =).
Thank you very much for taking your time and answering my questions extremely thouroughly.

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    Hello Sol

    I'm happy for you then but if you want to thanks some Italki members you could send them an email... This space here is only to ask questions about languages... Thank you.

    Hi Sol, this site has an explanation.

    Your information is helpful.

    just keep on sol, you can do it!


    You are welcome Sol, we are always here to help you.

    Hello Sol,

    Sure that they are quite confusing ,only with continuous practice will you be able to use those rules spontaneously without really having to think about those barriers. At a certain stage combining both tenses in one sentence will sound odd to you.
    Reading grammar books and doing accompanied exercises are a good way to learn grammar ,but in association with lots of practice through reading and speaking to apply those concepts until they become second nature.
    Wish you the best :)

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