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basic or common verbs and adjectives and meanings

what are the common verbs and adjectives that English speakers use daily? please give the meaning. I find it hard to express my idea in English because I only know few English words. do you know any site? help help

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    there are many verbs and adjectives in everyday use. these sites might help you.

    common verbs:

    If you want to know the basic verb tenses, try this site:

    just an advise, it is not enough to know the common verbs and adjectives used in everyday speech. you must put it into practice.

    mas mainam din kung magbabasa ka lagi ng 'english articles' tapos i-diskubre mo yung iba't-ibang 'verbs' at 'adjectives' para mas madali mo na makabisa.

    you can do it!


    by the way, you should've post your question with "Learning English" and not "Learning Filipino (Tagalog).


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