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how to start making sentences in turkish? please i want to turkish native speaker to answer me.

i mean i know how greating in turkish and some words( arkadasiz, evet, hayir, yani, onemli, ...) but it's hard to make sentences, please help me.

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    hmm, first you need to know grammar, how suffixes work, but generally, it follows like subject+object+verb(past tense, present tense or continuous etc)
    ahaha i guess i am not a good teacher at all.
    though, you can use a website "" there is a "text" button which converts english sentences to turkish. it doesnt work well (especially for complex sentences), but maybe it may help you to understand how it works.
    Turkish language has different sentence order than an English sentence.

    For example: In english you say:

    I went to school

    in Turkish

    Ben okul-a gittim

    I to school went

    basic sentence structure is

    Subject+ Object+ Verb

    when we say object: object can be anything that gives more information about how the job is done etc.

    For example:

    Ben annemle yarin alisverise gidecegim: I am going to shopping with my mum tomorrow.

    In the Turkish sentence:

    Ben: I
    annemle: with my mum
    yarin: tomorrow
    alisverise: to shopping
    gidecegim: I will go/I am going to go

    I hope it helps.

    For more information please check my website:



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