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Is there a nicer way to refer to someone else besides, "あなた"?

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    Yes, say their name.

    Yep, saying the person's name is the only polite way to address someone. Even if it sounds kind of funny.

    the persons name, or こちらは if introducing someone. (^_^)
    you've alreay got your answers, say thier name with SAN to the end =)


    様 (san) is not the more polite (nicer) word in Japanese. The polite (nicer) word in Japanese is sama ( さま).

    It is from the Japanese dictionary: 様【さま】 (n,suf) (1) (pol) Mr, Mrs or Ms; (2) used (gen. in fixed expressions) to make words more polite; (3) manner; kind; appearance; (P).

    My answer is the person's name + 様【さま】is the more or polite ways for you (あなた)

    Note: sorry Chi, you email me to make the incorrect answer the correct answer, I cann't do it, In fact, sanma (さま) is the more polite (nicer) word than san (さん) in Japanese.

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