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Can portuguese people

Can portuguese people understand spanish people? i always wonder??

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    Most and mostly. But it's very tricky.
    Written is easier than spoken, obviously.

    If the person speaks unclearly and with a peculiar rhythm, however, what is very common among Spanish speakers, it may get very hard.

    Years ago, I have had talk to the secretary in Spanish at the Portuguese consulate, we understand each other.

    Hello Lozan,

    I have known quite some Spanish people who spoke or at least understood Portuguese. Both languages are similar.For example I am learning Spanish and I can understand many words and phrases in Portuguese ,so I assume Spanish native speakers will manage to understand even more.


    Hehehe I always asked this question too. The answers I got were that it is easier for Portuguese speakers to understand Spanish and Italians but more difficult for the Spanish/Italians to understand the Portuguese. I always wonder why that is too.

    When I started to learn Portuguese (although I am still a beginner), my Italian and Spanish songs made a lot more sense to me. It's very strange but I love it!

    I don't understand a word....

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