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japanese - english (or czech) online dictionary

hey, anyone knows a good online bidirectional dictionary japanese - english (or even better for me jap - czech)? I need some able to work with romanji mainly and with hiragana too, optionaly. Which one is the best? thx

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well I can use google too... but I was asking for your experiences with online dictionaries.. Nobody is using jap - eng dictionary and has some favorite??

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    Try this site:

    Hope this helps you; )

    Try Online Dictionaries - Czech Dictionaries Online
    WinGED Online Czech Dictionaries - Featuring searchable online bilingual dictionaries for Czech into and from English, French, German, Italian, Polish, ...

    Free Online Bidirectional English-Japanese Dictionary
    Built and hosted by PSPINC, this is a free English to Japanese, Japanese to English bidirectional online dictionary. Just type in the word that you need ...

    Japanese- translate into czech, english, russian, german English ... PROMT Reverso Online ... LINKS TO DICTIONARIES ONLINE ...

    You can download a free dictionary like Wakan 1.67 (bidirectional) or JWPce 1.50
    I think the best online ( without romaji) is because has a lot of examples.


    Ahoj! (was that word right? ^^")
    Well I use a dictionary that is called (nice translator) google it and enjoy!

    Hello Bitkar,

    Check the following Japanese English dictionaries : ( romanized Japanese)

    Japanese Czech dictionaries:

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