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what does "fuck off" mean? is it bad word

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    Well! First of all answering like this, FOff i mean isn't nice and it's positively not something u want to tell your either boss or a girlfriend, or anybody relationship with whom you value, that's kinda rude and mean, but sometimes it may be the only way to let somebody know they are not welcome... a lot, and sure the F word is bad, but F off does nothing with sexual activities))) it's like "get lost" nd I guess the latter would be better, the same meaning but without obscene lexics

    This is an offensive term meaning go away. Unless you want your head punched in, don't use it publicly.

    it means "get out from my sight" or "get lost", and it's obviously a BAD WORD!

    try to say this and your mouth will bleed.... hehehe..


    It considered bad & rude if you say it to someone. Plus, it reflects badly on you as well.

    I'd say "bug off" instead.

    Hello lovelyboy,

    It is a curse when you use it as an order .
    F off ! you ...... ( usually followed by another curse)
    Of course it is a bad offense taboo slang,a forceful expression of dismissal or contempt

    but the verb 'to f off' has got other meanings ,all informal and not really decent to use:
    - get sexual gratification through self-stimulation
    - be lazy or idle

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