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i want to communcate with you and i hope to answered me now

hallo mr.... i want you to help me in english because i am not good in it . i hope to help me so much

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i like speaking english but i dont know how i can speak.please help me. I wait tour massge

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    Click on 'Language Partners' or 'Language Teachers'
    There are so many native speakers

    Good Luck

    Hello Samya,

    " I am waiting for your message" ,because 'massge' could be mistaken for 'massage' ;)

    You better look for "language partners " as Hisun mentioned on the left side of your homepage to contact Native English speakers ,it is a better more effective way to find suitable partners to practice your English .

    The following are some tips to help you learn and improve your English in general:
    To start learning English from the scratch you might need to take some initial classes to learn the alphabet , how to pronounce ,basic vocabulary and grammar. You can do that by taking classes in a language institute or by self learning online, although some guiding from a tutor at that early stage is recommended, unless you are able to depend only on audio/video facilities.
    Then you have to practice and increase your vocabulary through different means such as :
    *Reading at your level of comprehension simple texts or books and looking up new words .
    * Listening to English through music and possibly reading the lyrics.
    * Watching movies in English with subtitles in your mother tongue..
    * Chatting with natives online using voice chats or in real life .Mingling with natives is a very good way to be constantly listening to speech in English, even if you don't understand at the beginning.

    Make lists of words you learned and categorize them, e.g words you use at the office , words you use at school , greetings etc....
    - Keep a diary in English . Try to use the new words you learned to write and compose simple sentences .The more you add up to your vocabulary, the more you can form intricate ones. Test your level!.
    -Take a holiday abroad if you can afford in countries speaking English. It is an opportunity to practice with natives and learn more about the culture and people.You can sign up in language courses in those countries as well beside visiting its historical and monumental buildings and museums . You will be using guiding phrasebooks to help you get along there. The whole process will help you learn more words, expressions and practice speaking.
    All the above can help you improve your language. Intensifying your efforts will make you improve faster. Concentrating on whatever method you are applying will guarantee you a more steady improvement.

    Here are also some sites that you might like to check, they could help you practice grammar, vocabulary ,comprehension and pronunciation in English. Lots of quizzes and tests as well to test your level. They are supported with audio and video material :

    Good luck:)

    You can count on me to help you! :)
    There are many things you can do to improve your English in addition to communicating with people. The best way is to learn and have fun at the same time;-)
    You should enjoy what you are doing and you should have a thirst for knowledge.
    Watching English movies and programmes on T.V, reading books, listening to English songs and communicating with English people are effective ways that can help improve both your speaking and writing skills.

    You can see how English is used in real-life situations. You can also see, hear and practice interesting conversations. Besides, you can learn everyday vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation. Avoid thinking in your mother tongue, translating it then saying it in English. If you want to speak fluently, you will have to "think" in English.
    Write sentences and essays which include new interesting vocabulary. This can help you improve you both your speaking and wrting skills. You can also learn English online. In fact, there are many interesting websites that provide lessons, fun activities to learn, flash cards, audio and video lessons, etc...

    The following are websites that can help you practice your English and improve your English speaking skill:

    You can practice your pronunciation and speaking skills using the following books:
    - Better English Pronunciation
    (by J.D.O'Connor)

    Audio Books:
    - Fluent English (by Barbara Raifsnider)
    - American Accent Training: A guide to speaking and pronouncing American English for everyone who speaks English as a second language (by Ann Cook)
    - Just Listening and Speaking (by Jeremy Harmer)
    - Speak English Like An American (by Amy Gillett)

    GOOD LUCK :)

    Hi you can click onto Groups on the left and find many friends that way.

    Hi Samya, here are some easy steps for you for learning English for free using Italki resources.

    1. Click onto Knowledge at the left of the Italki page.

    2.Click onto Learn English and then your own language. You will see the number of Wikis and Contributions on the right hand side. They indicate the number of resources such as vocab and grammar in your language created by Italki members.

    3. If you are a beginner and unsure how to start, click onto Language Teachers on the left and browse through their prices. Email an English teacher who can teach the language you wish to learn.

    5.If you need language practice, click onto Language Partners at the left of this page and see if there is an English speaker you can email to set up a time to chat. Take into account the time difference between your 2 countries.

    6. Click onto Groups at the left and look at the groups you want to join for learning English.For example: Improve your English Group: Click onto:

    7. For instant free online dictionary/ translations, copy/paste your word/ sentence needing translation into which has most languages.

    There is a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Just click over the pink words to hear them spoken

    8.Click onto Resources and Language Courses on the left of this page as well for more information. There are many contributors who have posted resources for learning grammar, business English etc.

    Hi Samya, this Italki site has many helpful tips for you

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