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how to answer the phone?

If somebody is calling you, what is the first sentence that you say?

"Hello, this is XXX speaking."(I believe this is a common way of answering phone calls. Do people still answer phones like this today, or it sounds a little bit of old fashioned...?)
Is there any other ways of answering the phone/cell-phone that you could recommend to me?

Thank you very much ! : D

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【then how can i answered if sb. called me?】

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Thank you for your help!~ Cherry & Learner.

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    Hello Tsu ,

    This " Hello , this is XX speaking "by the way is used when you call someone, you are the one who introduces himself . It is old fashioned ,yet still the commonly used specially in formal phone calls ,where the receiver doesn't really know you.

    Among friends of course you will not necessarily have to introduce yourself ,they might recognize your voice .Just leave it spontaneously.It depends also on the degree of acquaintance and how far informal you can be with the other. When you call an intimate friend, your spouse or any next to kin you can just say "It's me" for they surely recognize your voice or expect your phone call.

    On the other hand you could answer close friends as follows :
    " Hi , hey , yo , howdy , yes? , what's up ? , what? ( not really decent nor polite) but it depends on your rapport with the other person.
    They might have called you just minutes ago, so answering the next proximate call you say "what?" .
    It remains an open range of alternatives, when it comes to informal phone calls. It is however always characterized by short messages and should be decent and polite.

    Additional Details:
    【then how can i answered if sb. called me?】

    I mentioned above how you could answer close friends as in "hi ,hey ,yo etc...."

    Formally your answer to "Hello ,this is XXX speaking" could be as follows :(supposing that it isn't a business phone call in a company or so)
    "Hello , XXX , how are you doing ?"
    You will basically say that then what comes next depends on the occasion, how long you didn't hear that other person and how close your relationship is.
    If it is a friend calling after a long time you could say:

    "Hello XXX, has been so long , how are you doing ?"

    There are endless possibilities to form such greetings.

    Answering the phone:
    - Hello? (informal)
    - Thank you for calling XXX . Jody speaking. How can I help you? (Formal)
    - Doctor's office. (Formal)

    If you want to introduce yourself in either a fomal or informal conversation, you can use the following phrases:
    - Hey Paul. It's Jane calling. (informal)
    - Hello, this is Julie Madison calling.
    - Hi, it's John from the dentist's office here.
    - This is she.*
    - Speaking.*
    *The person answering says this if the caller does not recognise their voice.

    If you want to ask to speak with someone, u can use the following phrases:
    - Is Fred in? (informal)
    - Is Jane there, please? (informal)
    - Can I talk to your sister? (informal)
    - May I speak with Mr. Green, please?
    - Would the doctor be in/available?

    If you want to take a message for someone, you can use the following phrases:
    - John's not in. Who's this? (informal)
    - I'm sorry, Lisa's not here at the moment. Can I ask who's calling?
    - I'm afraid he's stepped out. Would you like to leave a message?
    - He's on lunch right now.Who's calling please?
    - He's busy right now. Can you call again later?
    - I'll let him know you called.
    - I'll make sure she gets the message.

    If you want to leave a message with someone, you can use the following phrases:
    - Yes, can you tell him his wife called, please.
    - No, that's okay, I'll call back later.
    - Yes, it's James from CompInc. here. When do you expect her back in the office?
    - Thanks, could you ask him to call Brian when he gets in?
    - Do you have a pen handy. I don't think he has my number.
    - Thanks. My number is 222-3456, extension 12.

    Hi Tsu, this Italki site gives you actual examples of phone conversations

    Answering the phone:
    People make business phone calls for specific reasons. Very rarely do vendors or clients call just to catch up. Telephone calls usually lead to some action to be taken, so make sure your first vocal impression is a good one by trying to answer the phone as pleasantly and professionally as possible.

    Identify yourself and your company when receiving an incoming call. While it's not impolite to say, "Off the Wall Productions, Mary Robert speaking," it might be easier on the listener to say, "Thank you for calling Off the Wall Productions. This is Mary Robert. How may I help you?" Variations on this theme can convey your greeting quite effectively. If you work at a large corporation with many departments, it may also help to include your department or section name, "This is Mary Robert, accounts receivable. How may I help you?"

    Putting people on 'Hold '
    The hold feature is generally considered a double-edged sword in telephone etiquette. No one is usually available at the exact moment of a phone call, and being on hold simply must be tolerated. However, there are many things the caller and the person taking the call can do to make the experience a pleasant one.

    If you must put someone on hold, ask first and - most importantly - wait for their answer. If someone expresses reservation about being put on hold, calmly explain why it is necessary. Perhaps the person they are calling for stepped out of the office and needs to be tracked down, or is on another call. Callers like an explanation for their inconveniences, but don't give away too much information. If Bill from distributing is in the restroom, just tell the caller he is away from his desk.

    Remember to keep the person on hold updated on the status of his or her call every 30 seconds. A simple "She's on another call" or "His meeting is running a little late" is sufficient. It's okay to hang up after three minutes on hold. Call back and ask to leave a message instead.


    there could be a formal and informal way of answering the phone. In some offices, you would likely to hear this: "hello, this is xxxx speaking, how may I help you?" rather than a simple "hello?". anwering a phone call at home would not be as complicated as in the office. you can just utter "hello, good morning/afternoon/evening" and then the conversation starts from there.

    the idea is regardless you are answering a phone either in the office or at home, you should always be POLITE.

    Of course you can answer any phone call at your own pattern but just be careful of giving some of your prsonal information to someone whom you do not know, especially the 'prank calls'.


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