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what's meaning of '' shitsurei shimasu''?

what's meaning of '' shitsurei shimasu''?

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    "Shitsurei shimasu" literally means "Let me allow to bother you." You can use this phrase when you have to behave a little impolitely or inappropriately in public/business situation.

    For example,
    -enter someone else's office or meeting room
    -leave the office after a work day
    -leave from someone after meeting
    -pass in front of other audience in theater
    -need to touch someone's body (used by hair-stylists, cloth shop sales assistants, airport security staff etc.)

    and so on.

    "Shitsurei shimasu" is a quite polite expression, but if you want to be more polite, you can say "Shitsurei itashimasu."

    your hasband's father n mother

    n this is sasurji n sasuma

    It's meaning of "excuse me".
    (many of meaning people use...)

    '' shitsurei shimasu'' has many meanings.
    It mainly means "excuse me" and "good by".

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