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what's meaning of '' prego''?

what's meaning of '' prego''?

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    4- 'please' in the sense of 'Please do', 'you can have it' :
    Prego, si accomodi = Please, come in
    Prego, si sieda = Please, take a seat
    Posso prenderlo ? Prego! = Can I take it ? Please, do!

    5- Prego? in the sense of :
    Pardon ?sorry?

    tell me what is the use of some prego

    Hello Sewwandi,

    It could mean different things:

    1- It is an answer to someone thanking you meaning:
    Don't mention it! ,You're welcome! Not at all!

    2- Inviting someone to sit and it means then:
    Please sit down!

    3- Inviting someone to pass or go first :
    After you!

    Yes Fede :) and since you have mentioned the verb "pregare" it does have another meaning as well beside "to pray" it means "to beg or to ask".
    pregare qn di far qc = to ask somebody to do something .

    In this case :
    ti prego = please ( where "prego" here is the first singular of the verb "pregare" as you mentioned)
    Ti prego , do so and so

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