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How can we assess the personality of a person ?

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    Hi Abed, personality be measured in many ways. We can and do make assessments and judgments about a person intuitively, whether we like it or not. We infer things about them from what they say about themselves, from their language and use of it and from their body language and cues that we pick up using our senses.
    We also get information about them by talking to them about their life's goals and objectives.
    Personality can also be measured scientifically using one or more of the psychometric tests that are available on the market for BPS (British Psychological Society) Approved testers. The sorts of personality tests available include:16pf, Myers Briggs, Team Management Systems Roles, Belbin Team roles & Schein's Career Anchors.

    By his action

    In my opinion,I will assess the personality of a person through talking with them. It's a really good way that you can identify which kind of person they are. Persons living in different regions and backgrounds would have different personalities. And they will be comported when people show their ideas. Then you can konw them from their talking.

    you cannot say easily what kind of personality a person know him better and deeper that need time to descover his/her true personality...


    We are always interested in the personality and behaviour of those we meet. We are curious if someone is proud, modest, funny, serious, truthful, dishonest. Those personality traits or characteristics affect our relationships with them. However, we sometimes find it difficult to understand and assess some personality types because everyone is born with a unique personality. Sometimes, we fail to assess a personality because it is complex. Also there are those who are so discreet, unncommunicative and reserved that we cannot understand or assess them. Yet, the way other people behave or act and the way they speak or do things helps us to asses others, that's why we sometimes find ourselves saying: 's/he has an attractive or interesting personality'. :)

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