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What do you find good, or challenging, in language podcasts?


I've been listening to a variety of language podcasts in a variety of languages, and have been thinking about the different methods used, and how that helps (or hinders!) the learning process. Some have me using phrases almost immediately, while others seem very good on the surface but turn out unlistenable.

So what are your experiences? What 'works' in a language podcast for you? What are your favourites, and why? I'd love to hear your opinion!

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Don't forget to tell me which podcasts you like!

For the record, I'm a fan of - because the guys are so very entertaining!

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Adding some of my own experiences...

- *Being entertaining* is very important. I hear the presenters in my fav podcasts actually enjoying what they do. It sounds obvious, but I've given up on other podcasts because the presenters are just reading from their own script. Not so enjoyable to listen to, and I don't learn so much from them.

- *Native speakers only* This sounds very fussy, but when I hear a bilingual English speaker alongside the native speaker, I have to struggle past the English native's accent and weaknesses first before learning something.

- *Talking about it* helps a lot. The podcasts I enjoy discuss the phrases and words, with a bit of background or context, instead of a direct translation.

- *Starting from any point* No, really. I think we have to start somewhere, but listening through 3 or 4 podcasts of 'Introducing Oneself' (one online example!) is tiring, despite the thoroughness of the presenters. And so far, I am still only able to introduce myself in that particular language.

*Short and Sweet* - half or even a fraction of a conversation is plenty to work listen to, plus more time can be given to breaking down and discussing the meanings.

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    One thing I like about learning through podcast (chinese actually) is the thing that you can download an MP3 format of the lesson to your ipod or MP3 and learn the language conveniently at anytime, anywhere.

    Just like you, I've been listening with other chinese podcast before but find it hard to figure out which among them is a good way in helping me to learn. Now, I'm only listening to one popular chinese podcast.


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