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Do Chinese like Barack Obama?

Did anyone living in China watch the forum he held with Chinese students? If so did you get to see the question from the US ambassador?

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    I'm convinienced Chinese never liked Barack Obama.
    Because China have never been in good relations with USA

    I don't agree to your opinion,SERHIO^^(I hope you won't mind).I think as President of the USA,Barack Obama represents his nation.And this time,Obama visited China not only represented the USA,but also in the name of himself.All the nations have agreements and disagreements because of the profits of each nation,China and the USA included as well.Obama was welcome in China While visiting China not long ago.If we have some disappointment with him,i think it is probably pointing to the legislative assembly of the USA,not totally him.You know that China is a people that loves peace.Chinese did like Barack Obama when he promised to visit China and to have a friendly talk with President of China devoting to the problem that the world are paying great attention to in a good way!

    i am indian ,now i live in china! and i like him!

    Who likes a show guy?

    i like him but not because of he is the prisedent of USA .i lke him because he has very good ability .

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