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What are the reasons/differences in usage among the words "Allah", "Rab" and "Tanrı"?

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Could it be that the word "Rab" is more equivalent to "Lord"? And "Allah" is the Arabic loanword for God and "Tanrı" is the Turkish-origin word for God?

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Erhan, your answer is very helpful. I'm sure you appreciate why this point may be confusing to me since in English the only difference between explaining God in the Judeo-Christian tradition is to use a capital "G" as opposed to the concept of "god" or "gods" in mythology. Obviously, we're still only using one word. I think it's worth it to note that "God" is not a name, it is a title. Examples of a name of a god is Zeus, Saturn, Yahweh. Aside from that, it seems to me that the use of the word "Tanrı" is equivalent to saying "god" using a lower-case "g" and Allah is the word for God used in the Quran. I believe you're saying the word "Rab" is more like a form of address to God like "Teacher". (This reminds me of the Hebrew word for teacher, "Rabbi".) Are these accurate statements?

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    Allah and Rab are God's names which is written in quran. Tanrı is turkish word for God. but i dont think Tanrı is written as God's name in quran. i am not sure.

    Hi Amanda, good question indeed and deserves a good answer. I think my english and knowledge isnt able for that. But I can try to make a humble contribution.

    Tanrı is a very old (ancient) turkish word (coming from tengri) for "God or Goddess".
    It means a supernaturel power in a large sens. For exemple when we say "god of vine" "god of sky" etc. we use tanrı : şarap tanrısı, gökyüzü tanrısı etc.
    In philosophic or teologic explanations too its usually prefered the term of tanrı Ex: "concept of god in different religions and beliefs" "Farklı din ve inanışlarda "tanrı" anlayışı"
    (We say "ilah"(arabic word for "god") in Turkish too.)

    Allah refers to a unique concept of god with its islamique context. When we say Allah we mean (a unique) (god) as its described in Qoran. Muslims believes there is no god but just Allah.That's a special name. term of "god" is not so specific. In İn addition in the Quran some (99 beautiful names of Allah) names of Allah is announced too. Each one reveals some of his particularities.

    The word of "Rab" in its arabic roots have some meaning relatin to "teaching" if I am not wrong. Rab educates his "kul"("abd" in arabic) ("servant" in english ?). And Muslims oftenly call their god saying "My Rab" in their prayers. There is always a close relation between Rab and his "kul".

    As I've said, the question have theologic, linguistic and semantic dimensions and needs to be elaborated more adequately.

    Allahu a^lem.

    there is no difrrences this words.a lots of words means god,sometimes no words need for describe god

    Allah means in arabic "the God" (the is used to stress that there is only one God ) ,and rab means lord.In all the arabic world both words are used equally by both muslims and christiansas well as jewish.These are not names of God.When I pray in english I use God and Lord.For tanri I must pass,I am a beginner in turkish

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