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how do you say happy birthday mom

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    you can say it this way:

    "Maligayang kaarawan Inay"

    let's break it down into pieces:

    "maligaya" (happy)

    the 'ng' after the adjective 'maligaya' is actually a particle (na), which I don't think has an english equivalent. thus, the right word is "maligaya na" contracted to "maligayang".

    "kaarawan" (birthday)

    "Inay" (mom) - the formal term for mother though is "Ina" but usually, "Inay" is likely used.

    additional 'birthday terms / phrase':

    "ano'ng kahilingan mo?" (what is your wish.)
    "ilang taon ka na?" (how old are you?)
    "anong handa mo?" [what do you have (food) for your birthday?]
    "may regalo ako sa iyo." (I have a present for you.)


    well romulus say it all what else i can add umm!!nothing give you a points to that.


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