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What does this phrase mean?

qin ai de wo kan bu dong you.

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    Hi ChefW...i think it's...the Chinese Pinyin...the Chinese sentence is"亲爱的我看不懂你“。
    which means "I do not understand you my dear"


    Hi I even don't recognize this language it is not english and not French... That's all I can tell here
    good luck!

    Hello ChefW,

    Yes it is definitely Chinese as Aileen mentioned.
    qinaide wo kanbudong ni
    qinaide = dear
    wo = me , my
    kanbudong = unable to see ( understand)
    ni = you
    It means:
    "My dear, I am unable to understand you."

    In your sentence the English word 'you' is used instead of Chinese 'ni'.

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