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about some english synonyn

there`re some sords in english have the same meaning and the same function and don`t know how to use
i mean like : equal ,eqyivalent (what different between them both are nouns so they take the same part of the sentences)
contrary ,contradictory
paradoxicalness and paradox (both n and have the same meaning)
please help
and thanks in advance :)

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    Equal and equivalent are about the same. (You could say they're equivalent.)
    Equal is used when the objects being compared are measurable: "There are equal numbers of apples in these two piles." It is also used when the things being compared are identical: "All citizens have equal rights."
    Equivalent is better when the things can perform the same function equally well, but may not be identical: "I replaced my Sony TV with an equivalent Panasonic TV."

    Contrary is can mean argumentative or contumacious: "A contrary child refuses to do what he is told." Contradictory has more to do with discussion: "I made a statement, and he made a contradictory statement."

    A paradox is an apparently false statement or condition that is nevertheless true.
    Paradoxicalness (which is a rarely used term) is the nature of that statement or condition that makes it a paradox.

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