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for my name, which is correct?

in all of the websites and name translators ive visted, they say my name is spelled 에밀리. (emily). I know another girl in Korea whose name is also Emily, and she spells it that way too. but i was talking with a korean speaker, who told me it would probably be spelled 에믈이, because that is pronounced more accurately. can it be both ways or is there a reason why everyone uses 밀 instead of 믈 ?
Thanks! *^^*

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    에밀리 is probably what you would want. It isn't too big of a difference though - If you pay careful attention you will probably notice that people pronounce the 'i' in Emily several different ways, if at all. If you speak fast the 'i' vowel sound won't even be heard, or it could be pronounced more like a 'u' (m -> u -> l is a more natural vocal transition than m -> i -> l). In this case they may hear something more like 에믈리 rather than 에밀리.

    If your name is Emily, "에밀리" is right translation.

    Emily,i think you chinese name is"艾米丽“


    应该是爱米粒 哈哈 爱吃饭的意思 eat a lot

    "愛蜜莉/艾蜜麗" in traditional Chinese ;-)
    愛 means love, 蜜 means sweet, and 莉/麗 are all means beautiful =) (Sorry it seems you've asked for Korean name^^")

    "Is there a reason why everyone uses 밀 instead of 믈?"

    Well, Korean alphabets aren't phonetic symbols, and the majority of Koreans write foreign names, words the way they can be reminded of the actual spelling. "에믈리" subtly grates on my ears. The reason would be knowable if you imagine an American speak English with British accent to another American, 에믈리 sounds like that, "I know better than you", so I'd recommend you pick 에밀리 up.

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