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I haven't even started learning Portuguese yet, but I'm wanting to! Where would be a good place to start? :D

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    Hello Amber,

    Here on italki possibly by searching 'language teachers' on the left side of your homepage ,Portuguese teachers specifically to help you start learning then,then you can practice further with native Portuguese speakers finding them on 'language partners' on the same side of your homepage.
    Good luck:)


    Well, I doubt you'll find good resources in English for free (courses, textbooks, grammars, I mean).
    So, yeah, talking to natives is probably better and you would probably enjoy it more than otherwise as well.

    You can use Wiktionary for getting translations of many words:

    You can use MorDebe and Verbix for getting basic verb conjugations:

    This site contains some stuff (w/ a few errors) and it's owned by a guy from UK. It is aimed for European Portuguese:

    These sites have written and audiovisual news, respectively. They show mainly Brazilian Portuguese from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (the cities):

    I hope it may help you and good learning. =]

    Hi Amber, go to this site

    this site is very good: you can use there to learn and study. There are a lot of classes and exercises. And native speakers will help you to do it.


    If you are dedicated to learning yourself a good book that I personally recommend is Fala Brasil. It is written by one of the tutors at the best university in my new city (in Brazil). It takes you through right from the beginning with lots of practice exercises. Of course practicing with the natives here will help a lot too!

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