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Tell me your best cartoon/animation/book/tv program/movie/!


I just want to know what interests you japanese learners.

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Hello guys thank you for replying me, some of you wander from the subject (it's Japanese ones!) but still very interesting, I enjoyed a lot! What I understood is everyone's knowledge is so broad and deep... some of the names I admit I had no idea so I had googled!!! I am thinking we japanese should know and understand more about our own culture! Thank you everyone! By the way My favorite is Death note(I am not manga-addicted, but this story has very well-made plot!) and FF(they have story too!), Also recommend Tokyo sonata (I think that family is the typical type of japanese unbloken family form from Showa era). Classics are natsume soseki "neko"(lot of word games, everytime there's a new discovery) and Ooe Kenzaburou(大江健三郎, VERY difficult) Conservative?

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    "Serial Experiments Lain" for me! :) Then, way way down, movies like "Appleseed (Ex Machina)," or "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children."


    Hi The last movie of James Cameron "Avatar" is the best 3D movie!

    @mark Kramer
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children." Rules man.

    for me Ninja's scroll


    I enjoyed Avatar too, along with many others.

    roi.g wrote "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Rules man."

    So desu ne! :) I liked Tifa best.


    i like "Dridge of serverus" they call him vincent..


    I recently watched Kiyoshi Kurosawa's "Tokyo Sonata." I've always really enjoyed his films and even had the opportunity to attend a screening (for Loft) where he was there to answer questions after. I think my favorite of his is still the 90's psycho-horror classic "Cure." My favorite manga authors, Igarashi Daisuke for his magic realism, Hanazawa Kengo for drama and comedy, and Hayashida Q for action. Anime? I really like stuff by studio 4c like Tekkon Kinkreet & Kemonozume. Nothing special for books, Natsume Soseki, Yukio Mishima, and of course everyone's modern favorite Murakami.

    All time fav movies/cartoons;
    Chi's sweet home!
    Spirited away <3
    Howl's moving castle <3
    Kiki's delivery service!
    I dont like anime very all actually. haha.

    Video games!;
    Tales of symphonia
    Tales of the Abyss
    Rogue galaxy
    Soul calibur,
    This list could go on and on lol

    I already know japanese but i just wanted to answer (: lol

    Oh, I forgot "Ergo Proxy". Re-l is to die for! And Pino is so endearing, she makes the most hardened heart melt!

    漫画 - 犬夜叉、デスノート、GTO
    小説 - 三島由紀夫、特に金閣寺と仮面の告白
    アニメ - 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン、NOIR
    ドラマ - GTO、赤い糸
    映画 - 生きる、羅生門、タンポポ

    ALI PROJECT、X-Japan, 平井堅、いきものがかり、T.M.Revolution

    simpsons, sponge bob, mad jack! ahaha
    I like fringe as a TV show,
    Wicker park, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind are among my favorite movies.
    The Summer of Katya by Trevanian
    Improbable by Adam Fawer
    Millennium trilogy by S. Larsson are my favorite books.

    animation:saint 星矢,名侦探柯南,死神
    For Japanese books, movies, anime, etc.
    Japanese books: Kenzaburo Oe (A Personal Matter). Can you also count Ken Ishiguro (Artist of the Floating World, A Pale View of Hills, The Remains of the Day)? (Although I suppose he is really British.)
    Japanese anime / cartoons: Spirited Away (Sen no Chihiro). Cowboy Bebop. Grave of the Fireflies.
    Japanese movie: Kurasawa's Ran. Or Rashomon. Twilight Samurai. Zatoichi. Tampopo.

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