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do you love another country that is not your homeland?

haha,i answer a good question.that's my reason to learn gemran language.but i admit that i love gemran and german language.

hallo,i like the question.and i love german language.

Why am i learning a german language?

firstly,it's D. General interest .i loved fooball,so i was addicted to oliver bierhoff until now.and many football stars in europe and world cup.certainly,i'm the fans of bayern hobby is philosophy,berlin movie,music,berlin brandenburg gates,goethe institute,goethe building,german food and drink, cars and heavy industry ,german-speaking people.strong people like merkel,Uta Klein Schmidt.goethe,sigmond Freud,and so on.too many common interest with the all german info.

B.'s second cause.i was studied in shcool about the second language.any my teacher was an ambassador in switzerland.he showed me more books and magazines from's all related to be a leader in any field.

C. Relationship-related.i think now i add more networks with the german-speaking friends.why?i would like to be a great and confidence person to build my own personal name,like german.most of them do the excellent job.

A.'s true that i had cooperated with the german customers.but our poor quality products let me down.i didn't like to be a i decide not to contact my german or top class clients.and my second job,my boss had developed the market in german.and i seldom develop the german-speaking markets.that's why i changed my job again?i wish to join in a german-speaking's my big dream in 2008.

E. Cultural heritage (ie. one or more relatives speak that language) i have no relatives known german.but my father know only russian.i think to know more languages,it 's teh est way to build the bridge over the trouble the movie.teh bable.i must e a good listenner,then i can udnerstand all and forgive some differences.

now i had teh passsion for german.why not?i hope

For learning: German
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
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    it is good to like the language... but to love another country, other than your homeland, you first shall experience living there....... otherwise it is just platonic.... ㅜ.ㅠ

    i used to live in korea, and that is why i fell in love with it. i live in germany now, and the longer i stay there (even though the picturesque contryside and cities and towns full of history are there) the more i want to be out of there..........................



    You do love this language. It is good to enjoy something people like.

    Certainly I do. I love México, but also I love Italy, the U.K. and Germany. Even though I have not visited any of the latinoamerican countries, I love most of them.

    Yes, I love South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Australia, and many others. hehe

    South Korea is starting to grow on me. I'm getting addicted to their TV shows etc.

    Of course there are so many things to love about other countries , the diversity is very nice .
    Different landscapes , traditions , food , people and how they look.
    You learn a lot from travelling and certainly you could grow fond of a certain country more than the other ,because of your experience there or because of its attractions be it the landscapes , the culture or the entertainment it provides .

    You stated your reasons to grow so attached to Deutschland , I personally studied germany at school and mingled with lots of germans and i am far less attached than you are ,
    I think it remains individual taste :)

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