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How to say "no problem" in Japanese?

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    大丈夫 (だいじょうぶ) daijyoubu

    You can also say 'mondai nai'  ’ もんだいない ' :)

    I agree with Lucy. もんだいない sounds like natural for me .
    It's similar meaning to 無問題 moumantai?? in Cantonese.
    I've watched the goal keeper shouting after pantching ball on his goal
    on the movie "少林足球"
    Good luck with your study !

    I'm just a newbie, but I thought daijyoubu meant more like 'okay, fine,' as in:

    Daijyoubu da yo! = I'm fine! (bit informal)

    Daijyoubu desu ka? = Are you okay? (not hurt)

    P.S. How about this?

    "Heki da yo!"

    Probably not entirely official, but I heard it in Anime several times.
    It can also be 「大したことではない」, or even something along the lines of 「どういたしまして」.
    It's hard to answer this exactly without having the context; "no problem" is a rather broad expression you know.
    Daijoubu (des)!

    We can do the English-Japanese translation

    "no" is ない and "problem" is 問題 in Japanese

    No problem = 問題はない

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