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How do you say.. are you awake? in Korean

Hi, first post here..

I'm after the translation for "are you awake?" please. Translation in panmal (nothing formal) and in hangul if possible.

I couldn't find any translation for awake.. so I assume I need to use some form of 면 and oppose it (use a negative)?

thanks in advance!

Additional Details:

thanks kate lee.. so there is a word for awake afterall.

minjin.. can you exlpain why 안자고 can be used?


Additional Details:

안 + 자고, ahh.. negative :) thanks!

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    Are you awake? : 깨어있어? (panmal)

    안자고 있어? is better I think... :)

    I used to say "안 자?" or "안 자고 뭐해?" to my friend awake at midnight. I'm not sure if it's exactly the context you had in your head.

    깨어있니? Are you awake?
    일어났니? Did you wake up?
    안 자고 있니? You don't sleep?
    - to your friends

    안 주무시나요?
    - to older people

    If you want, register me as a language partner please.

    Because 깨어있어 means not sleeping, right?
    So you can use 안 자고 있어 as well. ^^ This has the same meaning.
    Both make sense but I usually say 안 자고 있어.

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