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Studding in Turkey..

Step No 1.
Speak fluent Turkish
Step No 2.
Take the YÖS exam and pass it.
Step No 3.
Choose the university and apply for it.
Step No 4.
Win the scholarship ( if available).

For learning: Turkish
Base language: English
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    Hello Sancux,

    Seems like Step1 will require some Turkish practice on this site.
    You can look for "language partners" on the left side of your homepage by browsing profiles of native Turkish speakers to help you improve your Turkish heading for Step 2.
    Good luck:)
    are you kidding me? why would someone want to study in Turkey!! there are many places all over the world which offer better education!

    Hello Sancux, if you want, as long as I have time, I can help you in Turkish.

    hi sancux. thats a perfect choice for u. and dont consider the opinion of 'safetyquenn' .Turkey advanced in education.also I can help u in all kind of u need..:D

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