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Which is the best foreign language to learn for jobs in corporate sectors in India?

I want to learn a foreign language. Please suggest from a job's perspective, which is the best language to learn so that i can get a better job opportunity in corporate sectors?
Which is the most demanding language in India nowadays except English (which is not a foreign language to Indians).
Also please tell me the institutes' name which is best in foreign language?
Should I go for those languages which are preferred most like French or German or lesser preferred like Chinese or any other language?
Please suggest.

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    Hello Nicole,

    European languages such as German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Asian languages including Japanese, Chinese and Korean are all becoming more and more sought after in such sectors in India.
    So you could learn another European language of your choice beside
    the Asian one (Chinese) you are learning now.


    The opening up of the Indian economy has spurred interest in Japanese. The number of students who take up the Japanese language proficiency test (similar to TOFEL), which is conducted by the Mombusho Scholars Association, has spurted from a few hundred a couple of years ago to a few thousand today. Says Prof Sushma Jain of the School of Languages in JNU: "More students are making a beeline for Japanese than any language.’’

    Interpreters, who mostly work on a retainership, are in great demand; they accompany Japanese business groups and official delegations on overseas trips. Technical translation work is also a big draw. There is excellent scope in tourism, airlines and the hospitality industry as well. Incidentally, there is an acute shortage of Japanese teachers in universities and private institutions. Research organisations and high-end jobs in foreign companies require not only knowledge of Japanese but also of a core discipline in natural or social sciences. The dubbing and entertainment industry is a new growth area.

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    Hi nicole ,i think you should choose the one you like .and Chinese is a good choice.

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