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Is it difficult to learn Chinese?

I want to take classes to learn Chinese. Is it possible to become proficient in the language in 2 years?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    Hello Solomon,

    The difficulty in learning Chinese lies in the big number of characters 'hanzi', that you will have to memorize in order to be able to read a text.
    The tones are also another challenge, since every word has 4 different ways to be pronounced, each presenting a separate meaning.
    What you can achieve in 2 years depends on the effort you are doing and how intensive your courses will be.
    You might be able to reach an intermediate level in 2 years.
    I wish you luck anyways:) and don't be discouraged if you found the language a bit too difficult at the beginning.

    If you are interested in Chinese, then let us begin from the alphabet.


    many peoples can speak well chinese, so you can also. don't be afraid of hard or not. important is your mindset! :)

    If your school is in semester sytem, in two years, you should reach the advance level.

    The Chinese characters are way too hard for me!

    Hi Solomon,very happy heard you want to learn Chinese, i have to tell you that Chinese is really different to learn,but there are still many people can speak Chinese if you really like it and you can keep learning it.I think you should have a's not impossible to learn it my school there are many foreign teacher can speak good Chinese.
    you know,because there is no relationship between Chinese characters and it's many people feel it's very difficult to learn can learn pronunciation at the beginning and learn how to speak chinese fluently.
    if you need any help ,you can sent message to me,very happy to help you study Chinese.
    by the way,happy new year!

    I think chinese isn't as difficult as people say it is. A positive attitude is very important. I think what scares people the most with chinese learning is the characters. If you find the right teaching language system and you are diligent in learning the language, two years will start you on the road of chinese proficiency.

    One key factor I tell my students is when learning a language (In this case I teach English) you must have the confidence to use it. In china I have met many students studying chinese. Some of their levels are not has high as others. but if they have the confidence to walk up to a chinese person and start communicating with them (regardless of level) they see how quickly their language skills will improve.

    One more thing. If you decide to go with an online chinese language school... shop around. don't be afraid to ask the teacher where he or she received their degree from. was their major in University 对外汉语. dui wai hanyu? which is teaching non-chinese standard chinese. I prefer my tutor teachers to be 对外汉语学生..dui wai hanyu university students as they are learning how to teach chinese and not just a native speaker.

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