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What is your favorite word of English? (or your language?)


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ah... My favorite some words of all I know are
・ありがとう arigatou is thank you. but sometimes I'd like to say Arigatou instead thanks you somehow.
・miss you & 我想你 (cuz we Japanese language doesnt have same word)

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    I fancied even the two words, which I can't manage to pronounce rapidly enough.
    They are "the favored flavour". =)

    my fave words in english : "love me if you dare" =D
    and "takekoputer" in japanese ^^
    super-cali-fragelistic-espialidocious? :D haha

    Some of my favorite sounding words:
    diaphanous, felicity, paramour

    For some reason I really like the verb "chigau" in Japanese, and the way it rolls so easily off your tongue, like "Chigau yo!"

    my favourite words are "royal" and "shiny"... because those are part of my name! haha!

    Fantastic / wonderful sharing!

    Actually, I like the Japanese word 面白い. It is interesting, but the Chinese people will think of its meaning is sick.


    Hello Aki
    The best word in any language is " freedom " or "liberté " in French ...
    It is so meaningful ...

    my favorit word is " intelligent " & " nice "

    Hola Aki
    I like the word imagine how the song of John Lennon

    Oh, and I like the Japanese word ´yappari´ too.

    "idiolect", "청개구리 심보", "hoshikuzu"

    I like love and friendship in every language ^^

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