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What's The Best Method To Memorize Chinese Characters?

I’m learning Mandarin Chinese at beginner level and I really struggle when it comes to learning how recognize, and more importantly write, the characters by heart...
Can you recommend any methods that have worked for you?
Thanks Alot!

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    The Chinese Characters are combined by 'bushou(部首)' which likes prefix and suffix in English and also are combined by 'bihua(笔画)'. These 'bihua' are the basics that you must memorize in heart.

    After mastering all 'bihua's, you can write out bushou of which each have specific meaning as prefix and suffix do. Additional, there are a lot of key words does not combined by bushou but bihua like 'is' 'are' 'some' in English. From this step on, using bushou and keyword or bihua, you can write out Chinese Characters and guess its meanings.
    When you get to learn this system in Chinese Characters, it will help you with memorizing them.

    Just my opinion.

    Learning to speak Chinese isn't rocket science. There are some things you can do to make it painless or nearly so.

    To learn Chinese should pay attention to a few steps:

    ◆ Don't use only a CD. Find a native speaker and watch their mouth. See how they make sounds that don't exist in your language.

    ◆ Don't think of the tones as music. Think of them as syllable accents. Sometimes in English, syllable accent changes, and the same happens in Chinese.

    ◆ Pay attention to whole sentences instead of single word vocabulary. Practice whole sentences. Both high tones and low tones flatten out, or become midial, with speed. So concentrate on whole sentences.

    ◆ Learn to write the characters. As you practice each character 10 times, say the correct pronunciation. Because you are saying, seeing and doing, you will remember vocabulary much faster.

    ◆ If you know a friend or acquaintance that speaks Chinese, ask them to practice with you. Do NOT go up to a random Asian-looking stranger and ask them if they speak Chinese.


    like durk suggested, you gotta know the different chinese radicals (bushuo) in order for you to find memorizing or recognizing chinese characters very easy.

    you may visit this site:



    Honestly, I don't think there is any such 'Best Method'. Because it was also a very big problem for us when we were kids, learning how to read and write characters at primary school. At that time, teacher always gave us assignments as transcribing the text 100 times! Lol, actually, 100 times is kind of inflated, but you can imagine.

    There's one thing, I honestly don't think most Chinese would 'confess' that we tend to forget how to write Chinese characters. That's because the more we use computers, the less we need to write by hand. So...but we can read very well, that's for sure, even most traditional Chinese characters. So from the practical aspect, to recognise is far more important than to write in person.

    That's just my personal point of view. Hope it helps.
    write them down a lot

    what Joseph said is really interesting and true.
    As a Chinese who has no need to speak English but only to read,we may even can't pronouns a English word or write it corretly,but can read them well.
    I think it is also because of the habit of our Chinese reading , writting and speaking way.
    So when trying to remember Chinese,spelling one character by one char ,just as the way to learnning other languages which have alphabeta ,may be not a proper method
    Remember each Character as a whole one,and make sure you can recognize them when you read them again.That is enough.
    I also cant write tranditional Chinese,but I can read it easily.

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