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Germany, French, Spanish, wich is easiest to learn ?

For learning: German
Base language: English
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    应该是 "German"
    "German" 是德语
    "Germany" 是德国

    I would say... English. For learners each of the three languages has its diffuculties.


    Hello Tiffeny
    Try the one you prefer first ... because learning a language is a long process... It will be easy if you enjoy ...

    Hello Tiffeny,

    - German's sentence structure and grammar is the most difficult among the three languages.
    - French pronunciation is more difficult than the others.
    - In general German is more difficult than both French and Spanish.
    - However the 3 of them share similar vocabulary.
    - Learning either French or Spanish makes learning the other easier, because they are similar in many aspects.
    I would order them as follows starting with the easiest:

    hi Tiffeny
    i think the spanish language is easiest to learn because you speak the same way as you write it, is a big advantage

    German has the most difficult grammar out of the three I think, but I find that many more of the words are similar to English than Spanish. Spanish has easier grammar but the pronunciation is harder. I've never taken French. From what I've heard a list of easiest to hardest would be Spanish, French, German. But as long as you are motivated, taking on even one of the harder languages shouldn't be super super difficult.

    I learn French from school, German from CD and pick up Spanish in Mexico. Spanish is much easier for me. American English use lot of Spanish words.

    French, German, Spanish? My opinion is Spanish


    I think German is very easy, here in my town even the little children speak it.

    Well, without kidding, I think German has the most difficult grammer of the tree languages, I think that Spanish is the most regular one, so it is probably easiest to learn.

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