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有个疑问, 丈母娘是谁?


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    丈母娘 - "Mother-in-law"

    Mother-in-law, can be the mother of the husband side or the mother of the wife side

    丈母娘, is the mother-in-law of the husband's side (husband's mother)


    The wife's mother is the husband's 丈母娘!

    厄鬼吃豆腐" again !

    "The wife's mother is the husband's 丈母娘 !!!". Then, what is 岳母?

    岳母 is an unique name for wife's mother, It is known to all Chinese in the world.

    The wife's mother is the husband's 岳母
    The wife's father is the husband's 丈人or 岳丈
    Woman's husband is 丈夫, all Chinese know this term.

    "丈" refers to male, the husband side. I agree with Mr. Wozitoya


    Your wife's mother.你妻子的妈妈

    The final answer will be selected by the asker and I am not getting my nose in their business.

    Your question is very interesting, it is a special Chinese term that only few people would understand it. Do you have the answer? Do you unstanding Mr. Sizh and Mr. SJZH's answer? If you do, your Chinese level is more than advnaced, Moreover, you are native English speaker. Why not teach Chinese?

    If you teach Chinese, I will be your first student, pay you to learn Chinese. I can practice English from you at the same time. I am writting my proposal in English, you shoud understand what I meant.

    @ imsales
    Thanks for pointing it out. Mr. Hanka's Chinese level is more than advance. His writting skill and the use of Chinese diction. I agree with you, he should be our Chinese teacher. Why he still asking Chinese questions?

    @ SJZH
    "丈母娘看女婿,越看越有趣" Here, 丈母娘 means the wife's father's wife. It is being used in referring to the wife's mother. That's is why you call it wife's mother- OK, it is correct. But, how many people will accept the term, wife's father's wife in representing wife's mother.

    Since there is an unique name "岳母" that represents the meaning of mother-in-law of the mother side. 丈母娘 is a man-made name in representing what so ever. Anyway, it is your question and it is your prefixed anwer- take the credit.

    Addition: 丈母娘-two interpretation:
    1. wife's father's wife
    2. husband's wife's mother since..母娘 can also means mother, it is interpreted as husband's mother.

    大凡物不則其平則鸣, 水木之無聲, 風憂之鸣, 人之於原也亦言. 此乃據理直爭也. 丈人乃妻之父, 丈母乃妻之母. 於理直語, 娘者妻也, 丈母娘乃妻父之岳母也. 古者夫稱妻之母為岳母. 丈母娘當岳母謂之用詞不當. 於他人無由.

    一室之不冶, 何以天下国家為

    @ anita998710


    娘者妻也,“母娘“ 谓妻之母也。丈母娘 “丈“ 可作长也,丈母娘 可作母娘

    用词不当 (白话文) :“和哥们聊天,他说有个女人要小心对待,那个人是丈母娘

    丈母娘是丈夫称妻的妈妈。在这儿的丈母娘是出自哥儿们的 而不是那妻子的丈夫。
    丈母娘作母娘, 哥哥把弟弟的妻当为自己的妻,是否用词不当 或是有歪伦常。


    丈母娘根本就不是个生僻的词,这是日常生活使用非常频繁的词,从没听说native speaker会为这个词争论不休,可笑可笑


    另外,没人说“岳母”不是wife's mother,但这个词不是唯一的,“丈母娘”更口语化


    your wife's mother,,,


    Your wife'mother or your girlfriend's mother

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