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i want to learn italian how can i ?

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    Hello Hagora,

    On this site you can start by taking some initial courses to learn the basics of the Italian language. By clicking on "language teachers" and browsing the list of Italian teachers, you can get in touch with any you like to plan for some lessons or a course.
    After getting acquainted with the basics of the language you can practice and chat with native Italian speakers by clicking " language partners" and searching for native Italians learning Arabic for mutual exchange.

    Hi have a look at this site

    Here are some Italki Italian/Arabic speakers

    ريد تعليم اللغة الايطالية بشرح تفصيلى بالغة العربية - Learn ...
    12 Jan 2009 ... For learning: Italian Base language: Arabic. Tags: Dictionary · Grammar · Pronunciation ... More resolved questions for learning Italian ... › सभी भाषाऐं › उत्तर

    Speak Aloud Italian Arabic Italiano - Free Downloads - Speak Aloud ...
    "Speak Aloud Italian Arabic Italiano" in Software Short Description ... tool which can translate all your new words into Italian by just one click. ...

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