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Who can give me a meaningful Korean name ?

write it in a Korean form ..
and please write the meaning of it ..

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    Each letter in Korean name has its own meaning. It depends on what 한자(chinese letter) you choose. Even if two people have the same name, their name might have different meaning. I recommend you look for 한자 that you like and then use it for your name. Of course, you can use hangul for your name.

    michu! very meaningful name ehhe

    Hello Georzen,

    Here are some names to choose from :

    * Dong- min
    It means east and cleverness

    * Kwan
    means strong

    * Chung-Hee
    Righteous and pleasure

    * Hyo
    means familial duty

    * Jae
    means respect

    * Jung-Hwa
    means righteous, honest and beauty

    What about "선호"? I guess there's some reason that your display name has 선.

    As Minjin has said, the majority of Korean people has been given their name based on the meaning of the two traditional Chinese charaters.

    The meaning of "선호"
    (선 seems to have only two traditional Chinese characters as a letter of one's name)

    善湖 nice lake
    善虎 nice tiger
    璇昊 jade sky

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