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我最喜爱的食品是麻辣豆腐!因为非常好吃 和没有肉!


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    your answer is so interesting.....



    Avocado, it tast like egg but it is the fruit, healthy.

    Your sentence is fine except '食品', which is too formal I guess (as Minun has already mentioned). I think食品is more used in some food company's name. For example: ABC食品公司, other than食物公司. Such expression of 'my favourite 食品 is' makes sense of course, but it feels kind of odd.

    However, if I were you, I would say:
    Besides, there is a more refined expression of 非常好吃, which is 美味可口.

    Your additional sentence: 我也喜欢红豆包子(maybe just红豆包,without子, it sounds nicer this way, but I'm not sure),因为它很甜。


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