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'Stick one's nose where it doesn't belong' what does it mean?

Does it mean caring something you are not concern about?

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    Hello David Wei,

    It is an idiom that means to interfere in matters that don't concern you.

    A couple is fighting and some friend, who is present, yet having nothing to do with the matter of their quarrel tries to interfere .
    The wife in her anger tells him:
    "Mind your own business, why do you stick your nose where it doesn't belong?'

    Hi, another way of saying this, 'keep your nose out of it./my business'
    Little kids often say, 'mind your own beeswax'.

    Basically it means 'interfering in other people's problems'.

    People who are like this are also called

    Busy bodies and nosey parkers.

    If people stick their nose where it doesn't belong, you can tell them to 'mind your OWN business'!!!!

    'Stick one’s nose in(to something)' and 'poke one’s nose in(to something) or where it doesn't belong' are idioms meaning 'to interfere with something or be nosy about somehing' (try to become involved in something that does not concern you).
    'I wish you’d stop poking your nose into my business.'
    'She was too upset for me to stick my nose in and ask what was wrong.'


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