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How should I make a plan to improve MY ENGLISH?

I'm a middle rank english learner.And my english reading is passable,but spoken and listening is not good,How should I make a plan to improve them?

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    Hello Bear li,

    You need to improve both your speaking and listening skills then.
    The simple concrete solution is Listen and Speak.
    Encounters with native speakers in real life (preferably) or online will enable you to do both. Choose your partners well. Make sure they are really dedicated to help you or it will be a waste of time.
    By listening to them frequently you will sense an improvement of your accent, sentence building efficiency and a possible increase in your vocabulary, provided you communicate effectively.
    Means of rendering such encounters effective:
    - Concentrate when listening and speaking. Pay attention to what your partner is saying and how they are pronouncing.
    - Keep asking about the meaning of new words they use , sentence structures you don't understand and the repetition of words you fail to pronounce correctly.
    - Let your partner correct your mistakes and repeat the corrected sentences several times.

    There are other means to improve your listening and speaking skills such as listening to spoken English on TV , through Music, movies.
    Attending lectures held in English language could help you too.
    Constantly expose yourself to hearing the language as often as you could.
    Reading loudly and using spelling checkers helps you improve your pronunciation and increase your speaking ability. On the long run it effects your fluency positively .
    Don't wait for tangible results in the short run, but if you persist in practicing those skills you will surely sense an enormous improvement on the long run.

    Wish you the best :)*


    See this answer:

    "Crazy English" is a fast way,crazy speaking,crazy listenning,crazy reading and crazy wtiting, just I think.

    i think you need to read lot of books it will help you try to listen some music so you have a idea how words sounds like and last watched movie..this is the tip that i can give you.


    Here are some easy steps for learning English for free using Italki resources.

    1. Click onto Knowledge at the left of the Italki page.

    2.Click onto Learn English and then your own language. You will see the number of Wikis and Contributions on the right hand side. They indicate the number of resources such as vocab and grammar in your language created by Italki members. For learning English go to:

    3. If you are a beginner and unsure how to start, click onto Language Teachers on the left and browse through their prices. Email an English teacher who can teach the language you wish to learn. Look at:

    5.If you need language practice, click onto Language Partners at the left of this page and see if there is an English speaker you can email to set up a time to chat. Take into account the time difference between your 2 countries. You'll find plenty of English Language Partners here :

    6. Click onto Groups at the left and look at the groups you want to join for learning English.For example: Improve your English Group: Click onto: English Writing Group:

    7. For instant free online dictionary/ translations, copy/paste your word/ sentence needing translation into which has most languages.

    There is a free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation. Just click over the pink words to hear them spoken

    8.Click onto Resources and Language Courses on the left of this page as well for more information.

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