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how to remember english words quickly and won't forget easily?

i feel a little difficult to remember english words,for about 50 words one time,and i find it's very easyto forget them,i always forget when having exams,how to solve it?

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    Hello Libera,

    First of all, you're going to need some vocabulary words to memorize. It may be quite overwhelming to memorize lots of words at once so you'll need to break it down in groups of five words at a time. Grab your dictionary and flash cards and choose five words you want to memorize.
    50 words is too much for one time, you will probably notice that your brain will sort certain words to memorize (maybe between 5 and 10 ) and wouldn't make the 50.
    So consider a reasonable number of words to learn per time.

    There are many ways your brain takes information in. That's why it's important to learn in different ways, so your brain can convert its' short-term memory, into long-term memory. Say each word out loud in the language your learning, and then in your native language. Do this several times.To memorize the words in the long term you have to do more effort in reading, listening ,chatting with pals etc.. those are ways to encounter words you have memorized in the short term and by repeating them they are likely to be stored for longer terms.

    It is important also to use the language you are learning as much as possible. The goal is to begin thinking in the language you are learning (English here) instead of your native language.

    How about checking etymology on each words on ?
    I think, it is similar to 部首 of Chinese Characters.

    and I think , Google Image search is better way to visualize the word
    into real image in use. Because native people don't think its literal meaning but they can understand what it is.

    in this way , you need to look up Webster & Google-Image-Search many times but thanks to Internet and customizable Web-browser you can make it easier Good luck :)


    Download a memorization program such as ANKI. You can find it at This program allows you to set aside the words you know well and focus on the more difficult ones.

    You can also create an account at and enter your words there. Quizlet uses a more entertaining format, and also checks for spelling. There are several different ways it helps you remember, and it uses a couple games, too.

    Work on memorizing your words each and every day. Listen to music in English. Watch movies and other TV programs. And don't forget to do your homework and exercises in class!


    A simple possibility is to create a context for each word.

    As well as the definition, think of what situations the word could be used in, and what other words it groups with. If you have 50 words, they will certainly fall into several categories and naturally group together. Say the words, in a sentence if you have one, and act it out if you're feeling bold.

    Also, think of the impressions the word gives you. Does it sound like something in Chinese? Do you think of something odd and unrelated to the definition? Do you like the letter it begins/ends with? What do you feel when you see or say the word? OK, these questions are not logical but may help you remember the word nonetheless.

    This may seem like a lot of extra information to learn, but information is remembered more easily when it is grouped and linked with other information.

    Don't forget to have fun!

    heyehyehy super giel comes and tell you a easy way to improve english you can singsongs loud every day if you have time sing english songs very loud ..don't shy ....

    I have read a book "How to boost your memory" and found a nice advice there.
    You need to connect a new word of the foreign language with words of the language you know. But it shouldnt be a simple, boring thing, but something illogical, coz only then u remember it.
    the example given in the book (i read it once about 3 years ago and still remember):
    the word in spanish PAJARO (read as pakaro) for word BIRD.
    pakaro sounds like parked car (it shouldnt be exactly the way the foreign word is pronounced, your memory will remember it the right way). imagine parked car. now you need to connect this image with the meaning of the word PAJARO - bird. by using illogical image... imagine a big bird as driver that is parking the car. or hundrets, thousands of birds inside the parked car.

    to create the illogicaal image you can exaggerate (the size, number of objects) or minimize it.
    hope it was helpful. all the best

    I agree with Reema. Try to think what the foreign word sounds like in your language (this is also called homophones). It was also helpful for me to write words many many times at the same time pronouncing them and keeping translation in my mind :) Good luck!
    And of course... repeat repeat repeat

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