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what does "sar se" mean here

suhagan rat shabrat a sajan ghar ae bhi sar se

I'm greatful for any answer!!!
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hmm, first thanks to vipul289 and tutor-online for your answers!
Yes, i know it's basically "from the head" but that doesn't make much sense here, right?
It's an old poetic text written in dakhni urdu. and there's no mistake about the reading. It's definetly "sar the" which is dakhni urdu for "sar se".
It's just appearing all over the poem, always at the end of a line and i just can't make good sense of it.
could it perhaps mean something like "willingly" or "as ordered" or something like that?
Oh my, this poem is really giving me headaches.

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    its a phrase generally used with an end phrase in context with something, but literally means " from the head". like Sar se pao tak"- from head to toe.

    नमस्ते Simi,

    Perhaps you have made some typing error in the sentence above. But yes the words "sar se" mean from the head.

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