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Why people feeling something missing?

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    Hello Ahmad,

    If anyone feels something is missing,that is because something might be literally missing.
    Maybe it is in one of those drawers or something :)

    Talking abstractly about missing some feelings in one's life ,that could be very true. If you ever feel something is missing you have to recognize this thing and acknowledge it first, then see how you can deal with this insufficiency in your life.

    People tend to feel so when searching for a way forward in a life that's become somehow meaningless and dull for them.
    If you feel there's something missing in your life, then you've probably lost some (or all) of your connection to the activities, values and people that give meaning to your life. These meaningful elements of your life are part of you, they're deep within you. So to try to reconnect with them by experimenting with an increasing number of new experiences, each of which you stick with for less and less time because they don't deliver what you're looking for, is a rather disheartening waste of time and effort.

    Many people react to those feelings by trying to explore new fields, gain new experiences or gather more possessions.
    The reality is that the harder you search for the missing something, the more elusive it will become. But if you clear the space, it will reveal itself willingly.
    When there's something missing, it's most likely not something more that you're looking for at all. You're probably not looking to fill a space but to create one.
    By pushing yourself hard because you don't know what else to do, that's the time to stop trying. By stopping, you'll be more likely to hear the quiet voice of your creativity suggesting a way forward. You may need to rest for a while before it makes itself heard, but by giving it space, you'll be heading back onto the right track.

    Hello my brother, If we don't feeling the loss of things will not search for self-development, because we reached to perfection.
    and God is perfect.

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