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Hi, anyone want to talk with me, I known many different thing about politician and world history, tambien puedo hablar el español, pero, I th

I'm student of a Brazilians college and I need to read many paper in English, and it's good for to talk with a foreign people, I find one person who like the good conversation and talk about many different things.

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    Hi,nice to meet you
    Hi! I can help you with your english! Y tambien hablo español! I'm also a student in the United States. I actually have a couple friends from Brazil, they are on the swim team with me at school! I love meeting new people and talking with foreigners!
    Hi! If you need to practice Englis, I can help. I'm studying to become a language college professor, so I can use the practice. How are things in Rio?
    Please talk with me

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