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Do you know the word "kapish"?
The couple of times I distinctly heard that word in the Hollywood movies and I know its meaning.It means "understand?","get it?".
Ex: "I had no money,kapish?"
I wonder why I cannot find it in the Oxford International Dictionary?
My question: "Is that word used in modern English?"

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    No, this is not used in modern English. It is a slang term from years ago (1940s). It is used to ask "do you understand?"

    From what I know, it comes from the Italian verb "capisce" which literally means "you understand."


    Hi... yes this word is not an english word... It is in fact an Italian word using by the mafia early in 1930... when the mafia patronizing the underworld...


    When foreign words are taken into English as slang, it's usually re-spelt. Another example is 'savvy' (as in "I'm in charge here, savvy?") comes from the French 'savez'.

    If you're not sure of a word and you think it might be foreign, just say it aloud and think of the sound instead of the spelling. You might just recognise it.

    Yes, it comes from the Italian 'capisci?'='you understand?' We also spell 'kapish' as 'capeesh'.

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