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give me some bigenners lesson on portugese (brazil)language

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    and = e
    is = could be "é" or "esta"
    are = could be "são" or "estão"

    why = por que (the "que" becomes quê if you put it in the end of the sentece)
    because = porque
    how = como
    where = onde
    who = quem

    we have "você", "tu", and "vós" to mean "you".
    This is the complex thin, look at his example:

    You want = "Você quer" = "Tu queres" = "Vós quereis"

    The words also chenge for he(ele), she(ela), they(eles) and we(nós).
    But you shoud forget about "tu" and "vós", its more easy for you to learn it after know how to speak in the simple way.

    And verb ing is also simple:
    fall = cair
    falling = caindo

    read = ler
    reading = lendo

    have = ter
    having = tendo

    This is a example of how portuguese are hard to learn:

    Have = Ter
    You have = Você tem, Tu tens, Vós tendes
    You will have = Você terá, tu terás, vós tereis
    You had = Você teve, tu tiveras, vós tivéreis
    You could have = Você teria, tu tivesses, vós tivésseis
    If I had = Se eu tivesse
    When I have = Quando eu tiver
    When you have = Quanto você tiver, tu tiveres, vós tiverdes.
    Have you = Tenha você, Tem tu, tende vós
    Have they = Tenham vocês.
    Have we = Tenhamos nós.
    I have = Eu tenho
    He have = Ele tem
    They have = Eles têm

    I wrote 25 variations of your word "have" in portuguese, and there is few more variations, take a look at this link:

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    Hello Khalid,

    Here are some Portuguese brasiliano lessons for beginners:

    Aprender primeiro palavras como por favor (please) and obrigado (thank you).

    You must lern first words like please and thank you.

    Like this you may to ask and to thank people who can help you. OK?!

    It´s already a good beginning.

    Depois disso, os pronomes... (After this, the pronoums... )
    EU = me
    ELE / ELA / VOCÊ = He / She / You
    ELE / ELA / ISSO para objetos = it (only for things and objects
    NÓS = We
    ELES / ELAS = They
    SENHOR / SENHORA = Mister / Missis

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