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You are in a boat in the middle of a river. You have 2 Cigarettes and have to light any one cigarette.
You don't have anything else with you in the boat? How will you do it? I will send u the answer later

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    If you throw one cigarette in water, the boat will become 'lighter'. You can use this 'lighter' to light the other cigarette. :)

    oh... i dont know what i'll be doing. May be nothing.

    Frankly speaking I don't smoke, but if I really have to light it I use glasses or reflection and sun ray I guess)

    sorry i don't smoke
    so i'll throw the cigarettes in the water.
    smoking is bad for health/

    Throw one cigarette out of the boat. The whole boat is now a cigarette lighter.
    For my Chinese friends "lighter" is a play on words
    "lighter" = "点烟器" 和 “更僄”

    hmm.. i don`t smoke, so i really don`t know how to light it without anything.. lol:)) just throw out them:)
    i don't smoke. If I smoked, it would be a great opportunity to try to stop ;)
    Well really I don't understand for what you should light it? If you are alone in the boat and in the middle of river ....maybe you should change something in your life, and first act is give up smoking..???)))))

    It sounds like casuistry, doesn't it?
    No lighter nearby, the middle of the river are the best conditions to give up smoking. So better to throw them all away.

    i really don't smoke. so i won't do anything with the Cigarettes .

    if i were in the middle of the river i think i wouldn't worry about cigarettes )

    Hello N2N,

    I don't have anyTHING else in the boat, maybe someONE else though.
    You didn't mention whether someone was in the boat or not.
    So ,I will probably ask him/her for a lighter ;).
    That is silly ;) but I don't really know the answer, unless it is a wordplay as fdmaxey mentioned for example.
    You tell us :)
    one is already lighted.

    I will аsk thе light from thе passеngеr of my boat:-)

    Drop one cigarette into there is nothing without you and one cigarette you light.

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