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Having one child makes you a parent; having two you are a referee. Isn't it?

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    I agree as once you have had 2 children, you have to deal with sibling rivalry/ jealousy and then parents become referees.

    i don`t think so. it`s only makes u a parent twice:)

    I've no idea.. If I have a child I will know about it...

    If u have 2 children, you are parent plus referee (but parent more).

    I have had a lot of experience with one-child and multi-children families. The differences are great. Parents with more than one child tell me they have to settle a large number of disputes. It doesn't take the majority of time, but it is significant and makes the relations a good deal different.
    With a one-child family, the parents become the sibling, in effect. The parent has to fill in as a playmate.
    This does not say that one type of family is better than another or that it is completely different. It just says that significant parts of the experience have different challenges.

    Yes, maybe you're right ^_^ For exemple, my mum is really referee:
    she must give to us,life advice (to my brother and me),must to agree with us and scold us.....and I think you're right! :))))))

    i think u r right, mum is always a referee between me and my 5 brothers .

    My mother , All things to make myself make a decision ,All are makes me happy,She was my favorite people, the greatest mother.

    Yes. Certainly))

    I think it is.
    Parents that have more than one kid must honestly share their love and attention between their children. Otherwise one of them can suffer from lack of attention. So first of all parents must be referee between them and their children.

    i don't think so

    must love all children equally
    No for me no! I think that real mother can't love one child more that other, it's the same if I loved my left hand more than right......

    i don´t think so


    Hi... I have two children and I'm not a referee... I let them think by themselves... and education is not a game for me then no referees ... Thanks for asking my opinion...

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