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which is the most globally spoken language?

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    Most widely spoken as a native language is Chinese (generically).
    Most widely spoken including native, second language, third language, and non-native speakers is English.



    Hello Avi,

    As for the number of people speaking the language it is Chinese Mandarin. More than 1 billion people speak it in the world.

    English comes next.
    While English doesn’t have the most speakers
    ( around 508 Million ), it is the official language of more countries than any other language.


    Hi... I agree here it is english

    undoubtedly english, is the universal language

    Cherry is correct in that Chinese is spoken by so many people which is due to the huge population of China. Roi is correct in the sense that English is the language of IT and business world wide.

    the most widely spoken language is English. If I'm not mistaken it's used by a lot of businessmen and is also the official language for air traffic controllers worldwide.

    Hi there, everyone:

    Okay, instead of further making unnecessary arguments, I suggest that we consult some figures and facts from internet. One of the best resources would probably be "wikipedia".

    To this extent, I first searched with an internet search machine, and after a few clicks inside wikipedia, I came up with the following webpages for the respective information: ; in which contains --
    A) ;
    B) .

    So, for some of the respondents, as well as any members, who kept claiming or who always have in their mind that English is everything in this global world, I suggest that they should take some time to reconsider such concept again; because at the end of the day, the first ranked language is (unfortunately) ... the Mandarin Chinese!

    However, I do agree to the fact that for business orientated, as well as technical, scientific, computer and academic research based areas, English language is deemed as the principal media of communication.

    Good day.

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