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its so hard to pronounce "r" in swedish, how can i manage it ?!

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thanks for your answers,l live in Gävle,dont the Swedes from south shake their tougues when they talk?

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    Say 'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS' and bend the tip of your tounge upwards... Be sure to use your diaphragm. ;D

    You have to 'roll the r' like in French.

    Swedish language, alphabet and pronunciation
    Details of Swedish, a North Germanic language spoken mainly in Sweden and ... A detailed guide to Swedish pronunciation (with audio) can be found at: ...

    OK, it depends how you learn to pronounce the r sound. I am from south of Sweden and I have more or less the r sound as the French have back in your throat so to speak. I suppose you perhaps study in north of Sweden then the r sound in front of your tongue and that can be hard to learn


    Hi... For those letters you need to practice a lot... there is no secret here!

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