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"You're the best"

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How to say that?

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    - very formal: 당신이(그대가: but this expression is not used normally, 당신이 is better to use) 최고이십니다.

    - formal: 당신이 최고세요. 당신이 최고에요. 자기가 최고에요(gf can say this to bf or vice versa, or sometimes btw work mates)

    - informal: 네가(니가: it's dialect but very often be used by many people nationwidely) 최고야. 자기가 최고야(btw couple, or sometimes btw work mates).

    - very informal and sorta slang: 네가(니가) 짱, 네가(니가) or 너 킹왕짱, when you say this with your thumbs up and big smile, that's really great. can just do that gesture and '짱'. your friends will be so happy and laugh with you.

    hope it will be helpful with you, 유메짱. I just added slang expression, cuz I know you've watched korean dramas like '지붕뚫고 하이킥' Young koreans often use that expression '짱(킹왕짱)'

    have a great one :)

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