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How do you say "I love you "in your language? In Chinese we say " wo ai ni".

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    Lithuanian= As tave myliu


    Hi... in French we say "Je t'aime" or "Je vous aime" depending who you are talking to...

    @ Marie-Hélène: What's the differece in French?
    Hey in Pashtu language we say: " Za ta sara meena kawam"

    in russian we say я тебя люблю. Ya tebya lyublyu)

    in indonesian we say :"aku cinta kamu"

    in arabic i say it like this >>ana ahabak :)
    in ukrainian it wil be...я тебе кохаю (ya tebe kohayu)

    Well, I am from Canada, Quebec, so basically I speak French and English but my mother is originally from Thailand and my father from Cambodia, so i speak four language... here have to say in all four:

    French; Je t'aime

    English; I love you

    Tha; Chun ruk + kun or tur ("Kun": Use against elder person. - "Tur" Use against younger person.)

    Cambodian; "Bong salang Oun" or "Oun salang Bong" ("Bong": Use as the elder person. - "Oun": Use as the younger person.)
    "Chan rak ter" , it's I love you in Thai language =D

    türkish : seni seviyorum

    swedish = JAG ÄLSKAR DIG
    Vietnamese= if you want to say to a girl: Anh Yeu Em, but if you want to say to a boy = Em Yeu Anh

    good luck ! hahaha

    in philippines we say "mahal kita". . .

    arapic= ahbk ^^

    Te amo... in spanish :)
    Ai shiteru or Anata ga suki des or Suki da yo in japanese
    Saranghee or saranghee yo or Saranghamnida in korean

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