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From anyones opinon what are the benefits of this site.

Please be honest when answering this questions.
The more details the better.

-Je suis Dεɳiѕε Dε'shεℓℓ.

For learning: French
Base language: English
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    I found a great teacher and many helpful friends.


    Hi... it depends what you're looking for... but if you are serious about mearning a new language this site is perfect!
    Good luck!


    Bonjour Denise
    If you need a French teacher, you can contact me...

    Hi once you know how to navigate the site you can learn any language that's listed.

    First, as most of the members realize, this is a website designed for learning of foreign languages. To this extent, I feel quite comfortable to hang around, in order to practise different languages, to learn something through conversations with the others or through surfing the Q&A section, as well as to share some experiences with the others when answering the questions.

    One thing that I am impressed of italki website is that it supports almost any coding of fonts/characters. Hence, no matter what coding that you are using, such as the east asian characters, arabic, slavonic (such as Russian), or the accentuated vowels in western european languages, they are always properly decoded over the monitor screen.
    the benefits only depends on what You expect from such site as Italki. You can have real exchange with native speaker for zero cost!
    As an example I have met there a couple of people whom I can talk with on skype, and most of them are really happy to hear and speak french, and as we keep on chating "Live", happy to see that one only represents himself and not his/her whole country. "Know Thyself" said Plato once in ancient Greece, then you will know the other ones.Despite a different culture and a different language.

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